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Make Money from Things You May Be Doing

A lot of us spend a lot of time online, but I don't really know how many of us actually earn from the things we do on the Internet. Some get-paid-to sites actually pay its users to do common tasks -- things that we usually do, but take for granted. Here are examples of such things and how we can earn from them:

1) GET PAID FOR LISTENING TO MUSIC -- Yes, you can turn on your media player, plug in a pair of earphones, sit back, relax, and earn. Well, the earning part comes after reviewing the music that you've heard, but how hard is that when all you need to say is whether you like the music or not and why.

- This is a music site aiming to help relatively unknown bands and individual artists get discovered. They also pay you to help them figure out which of these artists are most likely to succeed and therefore worth their time promoting. If you're tired of the mainstream hits and are looking for something different or something fresh, then this site is for you. To check out the site, click HERE.

PopCuts.com - Do you buy music online? Do you have that special sense for the next big thing in music? If your answer to those two questions is yes, then PopCuts.com is for you. The website says, "Every time a song you bought sells, you get a cut of the proceeds." Trendspotters are rewarded here. For more info, click HERE.

2) GET PAID TO SEARCH - Search engines are indispensable to Net addicts (like me). They point us to the information that we look for and help us discover fabulous websites. But ever thought that it is possible to get paid for searching?

Homepages Friends is a program that pays you for using the Yahoo search engine. If you do a lot of searching, you might as well earn from it. To register for an account on Hompages Friends, click HERE.

3) GET PAID TO SOCIALIZE - Do you have a MySpace Account? Friendster? How about a social networking site that you can earn from?

is social networking with a twist. You can invite friends, dress up your profile, blog, share your pictures, etc, just like you normally would in other social networking sites. But there is one difference. Yuwie pays you! To learn more, click HERE.

4) GET PAID TO SHARE PHOTOS - You might have a ton of pictures that you took with your digicam that you may want to share with friends. Why not share them through a website that pays you for sharing your photos? You may also want to get codes for your blog, website or MySpace.

ShareAPic.net is the website that allows you to do all these things. It's a great alternative to Flickr and Photobucket. To sign up, click HERE.

5) GET PAID TO BLOG - Do you love blogging? I do. But do you earn from blogging? You can. There are many ways to earn from blogging. One is to submit your blog to websites that pay you to blog.

PayPerPost is a website where you can get paid for providing valuable opinion and useful feedback to advertisers. A similar site that is also good is Smorty. Check out both sites by clicking the names in boldface.

6) GET PAID TO MAKE PREDICTIONS - Do you think you're a bit of a psychic or is your intuition pretty strong? Or can you make educated predictions based on current trends? Why not be paid for it?

Predictify.com is a website that allows you to predict the future and build a reputation based on your accuracy. It's fun! And best of all, you can make money by winning cash! To start predicting future news, click HERE.

7) GET PAID TO WRITE LETTERS - Have you been writing letters? Your letters might be of use to others, so why not sell it as a template? Go to LetterRep.com to get paid for writing letters. For more info, click HERE.

I will certainly discover more get-paid-to sites in the coming days. If you've come across some good ones, it would be great if you can share them by writing a comment.

Note: No PTCs (pay-to-click) please!

Please check out the GPT section of this blog as well for more get-paid-to sites.


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