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Why I Don't Like PTCs

Paid-to-click sites (PTCs) are sites that offer to pay its users for clicking and viewing advertisements.  These sites are very attractive because all the users have to do is click the advertisements and they get paid.  They are also paid for any referrals who sign up for membership in their sites.  I have been a member of several PTC sites before. However, I have made up my mind to steer clear of these sites.  Here are the reasons why:

1) PTCs  ARE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME - Sure, clicking ads is so easy. It is a no-brainer task and it requires very little effort. However, the time you spend clicking on ads is simply not worth it. You earn mere cents for the hours that you spend doing this. Remember, time is gold and you cannot retrieve it once it is lost. You could have earned a lot more by getting a online job or by building your own Internet business.

2) YOU ENDANGER YOUR COMPUTER AND YOUR FILES BECAUSE YOU GET EXPOSED TO SITES WITH VIRUSES AND MALWARE - When you click ads, you are sometimes redirected to websites that are virus and malware infested. It is like being thrown in an ocean full of sharks. There is no way of knowing whether the sites that you visit are safe. Sometimes, you get redirected to porn sites which are haven to viruses and malware.

3) MOST PAID-TO-CLICK PROGRAMS TURN OUT TO BE SCAMS -  PTC sites sell PPC ads. Companies or individuals who buy their services pay PTC sites every time somebody clicks on their ads. PTCs lure you into signing up and clicking their ads, promising you a substantial income especially if you have referrals. When you click the PTC site's ads, they earn. However, some sites magically disappear when it is time for you to cash in. Some sites change their policies frequently. At first, they will tell you it is free to join their program. And then, all of a sudden, they will tell you that they changed their policy about payments. For instance, there is a site that suddenly required their members to upgrade their membership by paying a certain amount so that they could get paid. Oftentimes, the amount that you have pay for the upgrade is more than your earnings. Not only that -- oftentimes, the fee for the upgrade is not deducted from your earnings. You would need to pay them upfront either by giving them your credit card details (which is dangerous) or via PayPal.

Clicking ads for money is a way to waste your precious time. You can earn so much more with the time you spend clicking ads. Also, you expose yourself to cyber threats when you get into PTCs. You are also likely to get scammed by PTC sites. Knowing the truth about PTCs, you should now have the good sense to stay away from them.


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