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Transitioning from a Work-at-Home Professional to an Online Entrepreneur

It's been four years since I first became a work-at-home professional.  I have peddled my services online and have earned quite a substantial income for my efforts.  First, I worked as a home-based call center agent, then a transcriptionist which I still am. I've enjoyed the comfort and convenience of working at home.

There have been some issues that I've had to deal with, though.  As I've mentioned in my previous blog post, loneliness is one of the challenges work-at-home professionals face, particularly if they're single. I have realized that I've been too busy for other things.  I seldom leave my work station.  I have a family to support so I have to earn every penny I can, but I also am a person and I have needs to fulfill.  I need to find a way to maximize my earnings while minimizing the time I spend in front of my laptop.

I've always wanted to be an online entrepreneur. That is why I have been reading about the different aspects of Internet marketing.  I'm particularly interested bum marketing because I have very little money to invest.  Probably, the most that I can afford right now is a domain for my online business.  I have been writing articles that I will sell and post on money-making sites such as Squidoo, Constant Content, etc.  I will use my earnings from this site to start my online business.  I know I won't get substantial results overnight, but I am willing to plod through the long road that I have to take.  Patience is the key to success in Internet marketing.  I will need tons of it.

I just hope that when I finally achieve results in my Internet marketing efforts, I'll have the time to workout (I've gained a lot of weight from sitting at my workstation the whole day), date and find myself a husband (teehee!).  I want to be able the things that I've always wanted to do.

In the coming days, I will be sharing what I have learned about article writing and article marketing.  I will still share some tips on finding a work-at-home job, but I will now focus my efforts more on Internet marketing.  I still am a transcriptionist and I will be maybe for another year. However, I must not limit myself. Neither should you. We should always strive to improve our lot. I hope you will walk with me through my journey. I want to learn from you, my readers, and also, I would like to share what I will discover along the way. Wish me luck and I wish the same to you.


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