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I'm Back!

After months and months of silence, I'm back.  I have been busy with my job and with various projects.  I'm still a transcriptionist. Well, I've been trying my hand at Internet marketing and so far, I have yet to make a dime out of my projects.  I have also been studying SEO and I'm also into article writing and re-writing now.  I miss this blog.  Proactive Pro had already been ranked by Google, but because of my inactivity, it lost its page rank.

It's okay, though.  I have learned a lot during my hiatus from this blog.  I have learned how ignorant I was when I started Proactive Pro. One thing I've learned is that I've made a lot of mistakes with this blog.  My blog visits have gone past the 1,000 visitors mark.  No big deal, because I had been away since last August.  I've just changed my blog's look.  Thanks to the Template Designer of the new and improved Blogger.  I removed the Entrecard badge.  I'm trying to figure out whether I should put it back or if I'm better off without it.

I will make it a point to post something helpful or entertaining at least once a week in the days to come.  I hope I won't be forced to go into a long hiatus again.


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