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After a two-month hiatus, I'm finally back. So where have I been?  I haven't gone anywhere.  A lot of things happened that made me busy.  Well, for one, my Mom was hospitalized due to hypertension. She almost had a stroke. I had to work double time to keep up with the bills. Really, a lot of things came up. But in between my activities, I did a lot of thinking.  I had a notebook at hand.  I was scribbling ideas for this blog as they came.  As a result, I've come up with a lot of material. (I was being proactive, you see.)

I am excited about this blog.  See, I've given it a new look to make it easier on the eyes. The font used to be too small to read.  The predominant color is cool blue.  I like it.  Do you?  What do you think?

Please watch out for my future posts.  I have a lot more useful tips and information for work-at-home professionals like me and for work-at-home pro wannabes.

In the meantime, you might want to learn French.  I've been studying French for quite some time now, and I have discovered a lot of things about learning this language.  For some tips on how to learn French quickly and easily, please visit my Squidoo page by clicking HERE

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