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Last week was such hectic week so I'm glad that it's weekend again. I have plenty of time in my hands. However, I just thought that since I have lots of free time, why not make money while killing it?

One of the sites that I like going to is MyLot, where I get to share my thoughts with the MyLot community and make friends with its thousands of users. It's fun to be there. You can be zany, wacky, humorous and all the synonyms for "funny" (Just be decent, of course, or you'll get kicked out). There are hundreds of topics to choose from, so surely there are discussions that match your interests.

The nicest thing about this is you get paid for doing something fun. Honestly, I'm in MyLot, not so much for the money, but for the chance to share my thoughts and learn some things from other people and to make friends with them. But heck, it is nice to get paid for this!

To start earning while having fun, click on the banner below:

More time to kill? I just found this video on YouTube. I just thought I'd share this with you. Can you do this with your eyebrows? Enjoy!


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