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Here are some nifty free stuff you can find online that I like and find very useful:

EXPRESS SCRIBE - I always mention this software in my posts because for me, this is the best transcription software ever, even better than some paid transcription software. The best thing about this transcription software is I can change the speed of the recording without affecting the pitch of the speaker's voice. (Sorry, StartStop. Express Scribe trumps you.)

GOOGLE DESKTOP - Indexes my files and makes it a breeze to locate them.

MOZILLA THUNDERBIRD - Perfect for my Gmail accounts. Organizes my email and my contacts, and keeps out spam. I use it with Lightning, an extension that adds an organizer and a calendar.

PHOTOSCAPE - A great alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It has all the features I need and more. Comes with a screen capture utility. Very easy to use.

FREE STUDIO MANAGER - A whole suite of programs that enables me to download videos, edit video and audio files, convert videos to MP3 sound files, convert video files to DVDs and burn them and more. With this suite, who needs Nero?

K-LITE CODEC PACK - Allows me to watch and/or listen to audio and video files of any format.

CUTE PDF - Allows me to create PDFs from any printable document. This can be used to create ebooks.

7ZIP - Allows me to unpack or open .tar, .rar and .zip files.

ONLINE STOP WATCH - An ADD sufferer like me needs an online stopwatch to keep myself focused on what I am doing (Beating deadlines keep me focused). I also use this to remind myself during breaks when I should go back to work. It has a fairly audible alarm. You can either download or use the online version.

Be careful when you download free software. Some of them come with trojans, viruses and spyware (some people are just really bad). So far, I haven't had any problems with all the programs I have mentioned above so go ahead and download. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have. :-)


  1. Awesome free software. Be careful with Google Desktop though, it will majorly slow down your computer if left unchecked.

    I recently wrote a post on open source software on my blog: http://votips.com

    Check it out and thanks for the post!

  2. I like the Free Studio Manager very much. It's a complete multimedia utility.